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Collier Students Preparing for SATs!

Collier High School students preparing for the SATs tomorrow! Students are able to take the test right on campus during their school day. Visit our 'Post Graduate Planning' tab under 'Academics' to learn more about how Collier School helps students prepare and plan for their bright futures!

Good luck everyone!

Kicking off National Social Workers Month!

March is National Social Workers Month! Our social workers are the heart of Collier's mission, working to create a safe and nurturing space for the youth we serve through our various therapeutic programs. To celebrate our social workers and all they do, we are highlighting some of our incredible social workers! Danielle has been a dedicated Collier employee since 2007! Join us in showing appreciation for her outstanding work and for all our remarkable social workers who make a difference every day!


Exploring Painting Techniques

Ms. Ruoff's Drawing & Painting students learned to paint using a variety of unique methods including the cling wrap method seen above! Using the Principles of Design and Elements of Art, students are encouraged in the course to tackle design challenges and refine their skills in painting, drawing, and design, from black and white to vibrant colors. The class encourages individual style and growth, encouraging students to explore their unique artistic voices and creativity as they learn.


Finding Comfort in Furry Friends!

Meet Baymax and his amazing handler Nicole - who support our shepherding students through animal-assisted therapy. At Collier School, our Shepherding Program provides a safe space for students battling with school avoidance and anxiety. Their presence brings calmness and joy, supporting our students to feel more at ease in the school environment. Most recently our students worked together to build an obstacle couse for Baymax using items in the room and throuigh teamwork. Afterwards, Baymax went through the obstacle course twice. One in silence and once with praise. Through this students learned that everyone deserves validation from those they love to feel motivated to continue. Through these practices students are able to recognize their feelings are valid. 



The Lizard Guys at Collier School!

Collier MS and Kateri Program students had the opportunity to explore the world of reptiles through a presentation from the Lizard Guys. Students saw and interacted with a snake, a skink, a toad, and more! Thank you to the Lizard guys for providing such an engaging and educational presentation for our students, especially for our Kateri students who have recently adopted a bearded dragon of their own! 



Exploring Stop Motion in Digital Photography

 Mr. Bush's Digital Photography class is a hub of creativity! From shattering ornaments to channeling their favorite characters, students explore a world of stop-action photography like never before. With the guidance of Mr. Bush and collaboration with their peers, they turn their wildest ideas into visual realities. Below is Collier HS student Jared in action!

A New Scale-y Student in Kateri!

 Welcome to Collier Ravioli! Ravioli is a bearded dragon our Kateri program students have been busy caring for! His presence has not only added excitement to their school day but also provides a unique avenue for our students to learn responsibility hands on as a group!

Let's Go Pacers!

The Pacers are in full swing this season! At Collier High, all students are welcome to join our basketball team, whether you're a seasoned player or just starting out. Led by our dedicated staff, practices and games fit right into the school day! Plus, we're thrilled to have our cheerleaders back on the sidelines.